Killer Em

Have I mentioned how much fun I’m having???

(I’m having a lot of it.)

I’ve been following Killer Mike since Bernie’s presidential campaign, and have become a huge fan. He’s got this KILLER (ba dum tiss) Winged Victory of Samothrace chain, and every time I scroll through his Instagram I think to myself how funny it would be to flip it: to have Winged Victory wearing a Killer Mike chain.

Well, dreams do come true, because that’s exactly what I did for todays Illustration of the Day! I’m pretty proud of this one.

Is there an illustration you desperately need in your life? Are you dying to see yourself as a cherub flying over your dogs? Does Granny need a one – of – a kind birthday present for a one – of – a – kind lady?

Get at me! I can make all of your (2D) dreams come true!


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